Lionel Webb, RMT

I have been Lionel Webb's client for about five years. Lionel is the kind of person that I think an RMT should be – he is kind, friendly, peaceful, intuitive and a good listener. I recall that I was struck by how comfortable I felt with him when I first met him. His technique always seems just right for me (although he still checks in with me on occasion, just to be sure!) – it is both deep enough to be therapeutic for injuries, and gentle enough to be quite relaxing. Following a session with Lionel, I find that my range of mobility improves dramatically, in addition to decreasing pain levels. I highly recommend that you book a session with him, and see for yourself!

Marcilyn Wright Research Ethics Coordinator, BCCA Research Ethics Board

Lionel is a gifted massage therapist and a wonderful human being. I’ve had chronic back problems for 45 years, and have been going to Lionel monthly for the past ten years, after trying a wide range of therapies. My back has never been better! I particularly value Lionel’s deep knowledge, good hands, and sensitivity to work with me and my body to sort out the issues. I offer my highest praise and recommendation.

Allan Best, PhD Health Services Researcher

I had been to registered massage therapists in the past but due to an injury that left me in extreme pain and with an inability to lie down I found those massage therapists pressed too hard and didn’t take the time to accommodate my needs. However, Lionel Webb took the time to specially rearrange the massage room with a chair, pillows to lean on and extra blankets so that I could sit comfortably and not feel exposed while he worked. He was extremely gentle and never exacerbated the injury while I was healing. Now that I’m on the road to recovery he has systematically increased his pressure, always knowing the exact right amount to use so that I walk away feeling loose and relaxed without any pain from massaging too hard or hitting the wrong spot. He is an incredibly knowledgeable and caring massage therapist who knows how to strike a fine balance between relaxation and tension release.

Trisha Vanderstar UBC Student

Suzanne Vetterli, RMT

Suzanne is skillful at assessing and treating my current physical challenges, using a wide variety of techniques to loosen muscles, relieve pain and improve function. She is open to questions and provides clear answers while identifying self-care and other problem-solving techniques in a collaborative way. She’s knowledgeable about her areas of expertise, other local health resources, and is comfortable making recommendations to other relevant health professionals when appropriate.

N. Caplette Health Care Administrator

I have been a patient of Suzanne's for 2 years. Massage therapy was new to me and a physiotherapist recommended I see a RMT with a background in myofascial release.

Suzanne put me completely at ease right from the start. She has excellent listening skills and creates a very safe and calm space. My sleep improved and my posture became straighter and, with her help, I was able to judge when I could stop using a cane. My pain level decreased and I move more easily and smoothly.

I am now seeing her for monthly maintenance to tweak the areas that need some attention as they arise. I am very pleased with the progress I have made, and continue to benefit from Suzanne's expertise, knowledge and care. I feel we are partners in improving my health and I believe she has made all the difference to my recovery.

Karen Adams Health Records Administrator

I have been a happy patient of Suzanne's for more than 20 years. She was very good 20 years ago and has improved her skills, knowledge and judgment over the years. She has gotten better and better. She is remarkable at balancing the skills/art of relieving specific muscle tensions and pains and generally giving an extremely pleasurable, relaxing massage.

Suzanne is a very intelligent, curious, solid person with wonderful technical knowledge.

She has been an important stress reducer for me, particularly in the hectic months of my work year. (I'm a cross-border tax consultant with a frenetic tax season workload).

I think she's great and recommend her highly.

Steve Katz Tax Consultant

Teresa Koelewyn, RMT

I have been a client of Teresa Koelewyn for over 10 years and see her about every 2 weeks. At first I began having massages to release muscle tension and for relaxation. However, over the past several years I have developed arthritis in my hands and now also experience massage to help release my affected tissues and joints. I am convinced that without the regular massage to my hands I would now experience some level of deformity and limited mobility in my hands. These regular massages, and the home exercises and self-massage that I have learned, have become a critical part of my personal health care plan. My sessions with Teresa are relaxing and therapeutic, with the added benefit of pleasant conversation or relaxed silence, depending on my needs at the particular time.

Pauline Barratt Registered Nurse

Like most people, I had only ever used massage therapy as a temporary measure to address the pain I was experiencing at one moment in time. After the pain had subsided, I would stop massage treatments. Those aches and pains would inevitably return and it wasn't until I had made massage therapy an integral and regular part of my total wellness plan that the nagging, recurring pain disappeared for good and I began to truly feel the long term benefits of regular massage therapy. Through her treatments, Teresa Koelewyn has helped me to become more aware of what my body is communicating and I have been pain-free for some time now.

Jeff Pratt High School Councilor

Pacific Massage Therapy has been a part of my wellness for over 10 years. As someone who lives with and manages chronic pain, the healing hands of my superstar massage therapists have been both a necessity and a gift. Their support, guidance, and therapeutic talents help resource me and my greater quality of life.

Parm P. Community Developer